Lebron James has spent his entire career wearing the number twenty-three and playing for the Cleavland Cavaliers. Lebron James was the number one overall pick in the 2003 draft by the Cavaliers. In Lebron's first NBA game he scored 25 points, 9 assists, 6 rebounds and 4 steals. After recording 41 points in his rookie season high he became the youngest player to ever score at least 40 points in a game. Lebron joined Michael Jordan and Oscar Robinson as the only rookies to average at least 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists in his rookie season. In Lebron's rookie season the Cavilers improved by 18 games but still failed to make the playoffs. After this great season lebron was awarded with the rookie of the year award. Since Lebron's rookie season he has accomplished many goals, such as he has been to the all star game four times, and has won the MVP once. Lebron has also played for the United States basketball team twice and has excelled each time. In 2006 Lebron played for the U.S basketball team and helped lead the team to a bronze medal. In this tournament James was third in scoring and led the team in boards. Previously this year Lebron James led our men's team to a gold medal in Beijing. James led the team in assists and averaged eighteen points a game. Lebron has had a wonderful start to his career and will most likely continue to prosper.